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Samuel Eto’o:Ailing Child of Cameroonian Football?

Since his election as head of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fecafoot) in December 2021, Samuel Eto’o has taken a number of decisions that have caused a great deal of ink to flow. Some of these decisions have been praised by fans and observers, while others have been criticized as excessive, or even counterproductive.

Among Eto’o’s most controversial decisions are:

The appointment of Rigobert Song Bahanagha as head coach of the Indomitable Lions. Song, who has no experience coaching at the highest level, was preferred over more experienced candidates such as Hugo Broos and Winfried Schäfer. This decision has been widely criticized by fans and pundits, who have expressed their concern about Song’s ability to lead the national team to qualification for the 2026 World Cup.

The dissolution of the old Fecafoot executive committee. This decision was seen by some as an attempt by Eto’o to consolidate his power and eliminate any potential opposition.

The increase in bonuses for national team players. This decision was welcomed by the players, but it has also been criticized by some who have pointed out that the money could have been better spent elsewhere, such as on youth football development or infrastructure.

The creation of a new Cameroonian professional league. This league, which is scheduled to start in 2023, is seen by some as a way for Eto’o to generate additional revenue for Fecafoot. However, others fear that the new league will weaken existing leagues and lead to a decline in the level of Cameroonian football.

It is still too early to say what the long-term impact of Eto’o’s decisions will be. However, it is clear that his actions have generated a great deal of controversy and that he will be judged on the results of the national team in the years to come.

In addition to the decisions mentioned above, Eto’o has also been criticized for his leadership style. Some have accused the former FC Barcelona striker of being authoritarian and of not consulting enough with other stakeholders in Cameroonian football. Others have also criticized his lack of transparency and communication.

Despite the criticism, Eto’o remains popular with many Cameroonian fans. They admire his passion for football and his commitment to developing the game in Cameroon. They hope that his decisions, although sometimes controversial, will bear fruit in the long term.

It is important to note that opinions on Eto’o’s decisions are varied and that there is no clear consensus. It is also important to remember that Eto’o has only been in office for a few months and that it is still too early to judge his record.

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